Anyone else finding it challenging working from home? The constant supply of biscuits and the comfy clothes don’t add to the struggle. Being an intern this is my first real experience of what an emergency situation means when you are in work and when the emergency is a contagious virus that only means one thing- working from home. However, this move from working in an office to working from home has given me one comfort- allowing me to realize that the digital marketing industry still lives on and keeps thriving. With the comfort knowing that the industry that I wish to go into is still growing and developing despite the global panic, has further cemented the idea that social media is more important than ever. Whether that is marketing your business or informing the world of the virus outbreak social media constantly thrives and is now more important than ever.

As I am working from home I have spent much longer on social media than I ever would before, especially since many of my friends and colleagues are self-isolating. Social media is the only form some people have of communicating especially when communicating work to one another. To help keep your concentration and to help keep your productivity up here are a few tips that I have been using.

Set a schedule and stick to it, plan your day out so that no time is wasted, and you can give yourself a work-life balance. I know this one sounds silly, but I’ve been finding it extremely helpful, giving yourself a morning routine. It is easy to just get up in your pyjamas and go straight to your computer however getting dressed and getting breakfast then finishing with starting work makes the transition from walking from your bed to your computer a lot easier! Another super helpful one is having a dedicated office space/area, this is proven to help boost productivity. It can be easy when you are on the sofa or in bed all comfy, but you need to separate relaxing on the sofa with working. Your body will start to think that being on the sofa/in bed is work time and not relaxing time. I’ve fallen for this a few times and wondered why after working hours in my bed I can’t sleep.

Although there is a global panic, just remember that you should take every opportunity as it comes. Just because you can’t go into the office doesn’t mean you can’t be productive. Use this time to develop your company/brand online! There aren’t many opportunities like this where you can sit down and just focus on your online appearance and learn from others. And if you would like some help, please drop me a message on for a no-strings-attached chat.