Having a marketing strategy is vital when attending a show however adding social media to that strategy is fundamental. Especially in an age where having an online presence can bring new customers you never knew you had to your business. You should consider this as an enhancement to your marketing strategy, social media will further amplify your marketing message and inform all clients of your attendance and participation in a show.

First of all, you will need to ensure that the same message is being conveyed across all your networking platforms, consistency is key when trying to get your message out to the masses. Having clear set objectives and aims will allow you to be able to create content to meet those targets. This content should be visually stimulating but also contain key points that you want to get to your potential clients. And please don’t make it too long and complicated, nobody wants to read an essay of a social media post!

Plan, plan, plan! You shouldn’t make up a social media post out of thin air you must plan it in advance to make sure that you are hitting your audience when they are online- there is no point putting out a carefully planned media post for nobody to see it! Planning posts in advance also allows you and your team to all be on the same page, the last thing you want is an upset team member who didn’t want a photo of them to be posted all over your company’s profiles.

In the weeks leading up to your event, you will have to ensure that you are promoting on a daily basis of your attendance, this can be done through tweets, Facebook posts, LinkedIn posts and even emails whatever suits your company best. I would always recommend uploading an image with whatever you are posting especially if it’s a picture of your team, images always do better than a standard written post so use them!

During your event take lots of photos! Ensure that your company’s logo is included and take lots of photos of your team. This shows your company’s personality which clients can relate to. Keeping updates on social media throughout the day of attending the exhibition also makes a great way of other companies knowing you are there. It is a great way to interact with companies in the same industry as you. I have found with past clients that this type of content performs best across multiple channels. I would encourage you not to be camera shy- if you can get a video of you and your team attending the event this will always perform well on social media.