Wondering why nothing has happened after your exhibition?

Why social media and following up your leads is important!

The main aim of companies who choose to attend the exhibition is to generate new customers and how do you do that? Well- leads! Leads are what the exhibiting is all about! Leads should be taken more seriously, it is reported that 62% of leads aren’t followed up after an exhibition, 62%! To me that sounds shocking, that’s potential customers gone because you haven’t had the time or the knowledge on how to follow them up.

Remember your stand is there to help you generate new leads and to build up a new database of potential clients, you can do all the selling later but making sure you have captured those leads is vital! How to capture you might ask, you need to grab their details and do it the easiest and quickest way possible. This can be via QR code reader, business cards or even LinkedIn!

But how do you ensure you have followed up these leads? Anything from a personalised message or call, even a standard email in advance of the event thanking them for coming to your stand. You may need to contact them on an average six times before they convert. But you must persevere and use a plan you will have set in place before you attend the exhibition to make sure that no potential leads are lost. Ensuring you contact your leads a maximum of 4 days after the event is crucial, as the dust will settle soon afterwards and you would have missed your opportunity. Finally make sure to make use of all the information you have gathered; you never know when you may need it again!

Event-based marketing can improve brand recognition, and the build-up of social networking beforehand can vastly increase your reach. Firstly, you need to let people know that you are attending the event because your company attending the event is enough to pull potential clients towards attending too. Amending all your social media profiles with a pinned post of the event you are attending is essentially free promotion. This can be done on all your platforms, your website and even email signatures so all your points of contact are a small reminder that you are attending an exhibition. Next you can invite people to the event, use your platforms to get the message out to not only your customers but to your competitors!

You can raise your business profile or the profile of individuals within your business, especially if you’re in an industry where differentiating between competitors can be difficult. Using this personal way of sending marketing messages can be very effective. It can seem like a lot, managing social media presence for your company and it does take time and dedication, however, it is essential nowadays to use it to establish presence. Make sure to take pictures and videos when you attend the event, specifically pictures as they often get a better reach and are easy to achieve. Once you have a picture make sure to post it then and there, as updates can further attract people to your brand especially if they are in attendance in the event you are exhibiting at!

Lastly don’t forget to thank the event organiser for a successful show, this should be done on all your social media platforms as this may be an opportunity for you to gain after-show promotion and further raise your profile!