Why bother spending the money on an exhibition stand at an event?

One of the things I was constantly asking myself, as someone who has never been exposed to this industry before was, what is it even for? Why even bother spending the money? What impact does having an exhibition stand at an event really have on a business? So being the ever so inquisitive student that I am, I went ahead and did some research and asked Maja some burning questions.

It’s hard in a world today when a lot of relationship-building is done over email or phone calls, but people forget the importance of face to face meetings with customers. This is detrimental in building a good relationship with your customers. And where better to do this than on an exhibition stand at a show where you are not only placed with your competitors but also with your potential customers! An exhibition stand is a great opportunity to generate potential leads, as you can show off your people skills and your business.

Exhibiting is also a great opportunity for you to establish your brand, exhibiting allows you to show your brand off (and why not!), 88% of attendees participate in a show to raise awareness of their company. Events are often very busy, full of competitors and attending an exhibition strengthens your company’s image because if you design an exhibition stand that attracts the right type of attention, a single exhibition can be all it takes to change your brand from up-and-comer to established industry leader.

More importantly, having a stand at an exhibition allows you to have a good look into what your competitors have to offer! Often, at events, you will learn about new developments in your industry and being able to have a good nose into what your competitors are doing, seeing if what they are doing is working and can it be beneficial to your business.

Finally, it’s about creating a buzz around your company, showcasing any new products, ideas or even new employees! Creating this buzz can boost your company’s presence in your industry. Exhibitions provide a powerful marketing tool that you can’t get anywhere else.